We are very serious about your security

We use encryption, PIN authentication, and others to protect your data. Our priority is to make sure your data is secure.


We protect your ALIA app with your own 6-digit code. Only you can view your account.


We use bank-level encryptio and monitoring only with read-only access to your financial accounts.


We provide extra security measure to delete your account remotely if you phone is stolen.


We need your login username and password so that we can provide you our automatic transaction tracking feature. We use this information to establish connections with your financial institution. We never saved your login and password credentials . Your data will be stored only in your device. 

Here are a few tips to help keep you safe. 

Keep your PIN and Password safe – don’t share them with anyone. Don’t install programs from people and companies you don’t know. 

ALIA will help you to delete your data saved in your device. You can contact us at admin@chatalia.io to delete your account and data. 

ALIA also has a security feature where you can set a 4-digit-code to help keep you protected. This feature can be found in the Setting option on your ALIA app.