Success Story of Chairul Tanjung

Who does not know Chairul Tanjung, the 6th richest person in Indonesia, who own CT Corp with various business lines.

Born on June 16, 1962, in Sibolga with an estimated wealth of Rp. 50 trillion, how did he reach such success?

Coming from a lower-middle class family, the cassavilve boy (anak singkong or the village boy) who was utterly deprived because his father was laid off. Despite the difficult economic conditions, Chairul’s parents managed to send him to college.

During his study, Chairul began to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit to finance his college needs, so he started selling learning modules, worksheets, t-shirts to photocopying on campus.

He often started businesses on a larger scale, such as a medical supply store and a contracting business, which unfortunately closed because of bankruptcy. So he had to work in a steel company and a rattan company to survive.

Chairul was successful in the children’s shoe export business, selling 160 thousand pairs of shoes from Italy with PT Pariarti Shindutama, made with three of his colleagues. Still, due to differences in views between Chairul and his friend, he quit the business.

Chairul also created Para Group, now known as CT Corp, which currently has many businesses ranging from finance, multimedia to property. He directed his business to a conglomerate that has a variety of companies.

Some of the companies held by Chairul started from MegaCorp, Trans Corp, and CT Global Resources. He also has several franchise licenses such as Wendy’s, Versace, Mango, and Jimmy Choo in Indonesia.

Famous for his intelligence, Chairul during the reign of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was appointed to be the Coordinating Minister for the Indonesian Economy.


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