Financial privilege of the President of the USA

The President-elect Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris will officially lead the United States on January 30, 2021. By becoming the President of the US, besides holding the highest power in a country, it also has many financial benefits. What do you think?

As the President, the annual salary that Joe Biden will receive is 400,000 US dollars, or around Rp. 5,653 billion, excluding allowances. If we see, the cost of the support itself consists of an annual expenditure allowance of 50,000 US dollars, 100,000 US dollars of free travel, and entertainment fund of 19,000 US dollars, a pension fund of 200,000 US dollars, which if calculated reaches Rp 5,215 billion.

As the US President, they enjoy all the white house facilities, such as a bowling court, basketball court, tennis court, the swimming pool. Apart from sports facilities, the white house itself has 6 floors along with 132 rooms.

Besides, the President and his family received funds amounting to Rp. 1.4 billion to decorate the white house according to his wishes to feel comfortable while living during his tenure.

The President also has access to private homes, private planes & helicopters.

Wow, there are so many advantages when becoming a US president! But one of the drawbacks of becoming a US president is that they don’t get a day off. All that can be obtained is a change in the daily atmosphere by traveling to various countries to fulfill their duties.

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